Announcing the Ridiculously Committed Mentor Awards!
Nominations & Voting are now closed
India, today, is a knowledge superpower, and we owe it to our whip smart and hard working software and IT professionals. People like you.

But we also believe, that behind every successful IT professional is a committed, no, Ridiculously Committed Mentor. Someone whose support and aid has helped your career grow.

Whether it's your colleague, your manager or your HR, the truth is, you wouldn’t be where you are today, without them.
Nominations & Voting are now closed
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How do the awards work?
Step 1
Nominate someone from your workplace who you think is a Ridiculously Committed Mentor by filling out the nominations form.
Step 2
Get your colleagues & friends to vote for your Ridiculously Committed Mentor on his/her newly created profile page on this site.
Step 3
Based on the quality of the entry and number of votes, our jury will create a shortlist of Ridiculously Committed Mentors
Step 4
We will announce the final winners online.
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