About the Ridiculously Committed
Mentor Awards
At Edureka, we are passionate believers in the power of learning and in the credo that the best learning stems from those who are Ridiculously Committed Mentors & Teachers.
That’s why we have started the Ridiculously Committed Mentors awards - to celebrate those whose work pushes all of us to do better.
The Prizes
The Top Mentor will win an Apple MacBook Pro + Rs. 5,000 in Edureka Cash.
The next two mentors will win an Apple MacBook Air + Rs. 5,000 in Edureka Cash each.
The next 20 mentors will win an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite + Rs. 5,000 in Edureka Cash each.
The remaining mentors will receive certificates and Edureka cash worth Rs. 5,000 each.
How do the awards work?
Step 1
Nominate someone from your workplace who you think is a Ridiculously Committed Mentor by filling out the nominations form.
Step 2
Get your colleagues & friends to vote for your Ridiculously Committed Mentor on his/her newly created profile page on this site.
Step 3
Based on the quality of the entry and number of votes, our jury will create a shortlist of Ridiculously Committed Mentors
Step 4
We will announce the final winners online.
About Edureka
Founded in 2011, Edureka is a global e-learning platform for live, instructor-led training in trending technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science etc.

Pioneers of the live, instructor-led learning model, we offer short-term courses supported by online resources, along with 24x7 lifetime support.
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